Train with us once, once a week or every session. Join us for the easy runs and build your base or come along and be challenged at our coached sessions and develop your speed, strength &  technique.

Change it up every week or stick to the same routine. We are here to support you and your running so can integrate your own schedule to include our sessions or we can build a program just for you! 

Regular runs for regular runners.
Just starting out? Training for a goal time or event? Heading to a major championship? You get better at running by running! And our coaching philosophy embraces the '80/20' mantra; with 80% of your running done at an easy tempo, the remaining 20% made up of quality work.
Those miles go by quicker in company, so each week we have a number of easy group run options; both road and trail, to help you log those all important k's. Check our calendar and stay across our Facebook page for both our regular and bonus runs each week. These runs are FREE and open to runners of all abilities with the group leader adjusting the run to ensure everyone gets the workout they're looking for.  
We give you the date and the time....then some hints and tips before the big reveal. Then you join us for the fun at a unique run and club get together. When they happen is part of the surprise, but expect 4-6 cool club events a year - and we're open to club members taking the lead on these too!

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