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Easy runs - we will break up into small groups and ensure the 'easy' pace is suitable to all and to make sure no-one gets lost! Join us for these FREE runs which will change locations occasionally to keep things fresh.

Interval Session - thats all we will give away for now, but these sessions will be challenging and the coach/es will guide you through the workout and make sure you get the best out of yourself!

Hill Session - no surprises here. But the distances, steepness and recovery can all be changed to generate a variety of benefits to help all runners include strength, technique and your threshold.

Trail Day - we've got a forest on our doorstop so good, they used it for the Commonwealth Games. Great for variety, skills and on your body, join the sessions each Friday for FREE.

parkrun - it's everywhere, including a number of runs close to Run Central including Mudgereeba, Varsity Lakes and Broadbeach Waters. And of course there's more not far away; with different size fields, different terrain and opportunities to add to your park run list. Get out and enjoy!

parkrun+ - is exactly what it says! It park run plus some extra k's beforehand. Great way to build up the base for those taking on some of the longer distances or just to improve form when running hard on tired legs! We'll have options to add some extra k's on at 1-2 different park runs most week and our company is free!

Long Run - A staple regardless of what you are training for, a longer run will help you too. This session utilises what we call the 'bus stop' system - you get on and off the 'bus' when it suits. Do 45 minutes or over 2 hours, the bus will come past the 'Central Station' (the dedicated meeting point for any given day) at allocated times (note: it will never leave early, but may run late if the group is delayed so just wait for us).

Races - always nice to get out and see where you're training is at. Let us know of any races we can support as we're happy to travel!

Last but not least; we're just getting started. If you have any ideas for sessions, locations, times and places for Run Central to operate, please let us know. This club is here to help you!


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